For over 40 years, the Smith and Wesson Academy has been considered one of America’s finest training facilities by Law Enforcement and Government agencies.  Military and Law Enforcement from every state and U.S. possessions, as well as over 50 foreign countries have come to the Springfield, Massachusetts facility to receive state-of –the art instruction to prepare for and exceed their mission specific role in a fluid environment.  The Smith & Wesson Academy’s superior training will give today’s law enforcement the tools necessary to handle tomorrow’s most extreme situations.

All Smith & Wesson Academy courses are certified for a period of three years.

Smith & Wesson Academy

Academy In-House Program Schedule
The course listings below all take place at the Smith & Wesson Academy.


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To discuss your law enforcement training needs call the Smith & Wesson Academy at (413) 846-6461.


The prerequisite for attending a Smith & Wesson Academy class is that you are Active Law Enforcement (LE), Military, or Armed Security Service and acquiring these skills and certification to work on your department/unit/company firearms.


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